Style and Design

Design, technological innovation, and quality optimization of products

is Bianchi’s philosophy, always looking for the beauty absorbing all senses andthe practicalness that makes everyday move simple.
The careful choice of Products begins with the good taste and the practicalness of our designers.Each design is created to be admired, but above all to be lived, every day, in perfect balance between style and innovation.
This is what you will find in Bianchi’s products.

The style that differentiates the products

Bianchi Rubinetterie style is synonymous with best quality.
The design and research allow us today to meet the expectations of every customer, also very demanding. Each product is created and produced in our own factory part inside and part availing for subcontracted work and for the details of Lumezzane industrial district.

The machinery used, numerical control, offer reliability
and robustness of the product, which has always distinguished the Bianchi’s and allow you to be able to offer our customers a 5 year warranty on all products.

The style makes the difference right where the water shapes forms, such as the hand of the true Italian artist. Bianchi believes and creates Made in Italy, according to a way of imagining the future that has its roots in tradition, but at the same time is realized in the light of an ever-changing technology and a constant search for new materials, new technologies, new modern and classic styles.

For years Bianchi collections are studied and designed with the
help of designers internationally renowned. Just because the
Bianchi family believes in the artistic research of new lines, shapes and functions, believes in the Made in Italy as an ancient heart, authentic and original, with an innovative design.

Danilo Fedeli

Danilo Fedeli was born in Lucignano (AR) in 1973.
He graduated with honors in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, with a thesis on the bath and its new ethical and social dimension in relation to water.
He was designer for an important company in the field of shower systems, where he gained significant experience in the bathroom sector,  before beginning his freelance activities.
Today, he works with  important  national companies and  designs furniture and fittings  also for the fashion industry.
In a constant search for new availability in the forms, he argues that beauty is not on the project, but resides quietly in the simplicity of the lines.
His works are a refined synthesis of everyday life experiences, and passions into a unique vision of the world to come.
He  participated in international competitions, achieving significant results. Since 2009, he is an ordinary member ADI.

He has created for us the lines City, Freedom, Heaven, Dream, Mono, Jump