The markets

Bianchi health covers today a widespread distribution in the major continents: Europe, Middle East and Africa, with a higher percentage of exports. The demand of the international market in the last decade it has allowed us to expand our horizons further and further away, where we are known as craftsmen of quality.

Essential elements of our growth were also the marketing team and the press office, that ensures the satisfaction of our customers and their loyalty thanks to a wide range of paper-based communication and digital offering to our customers and partners.

Our Italian team and foreign agencies respect our attention to detail, and customization. The value of the product is certainly also the result of more human resources who can genuinely and constantly create new networks and distribution in the new lands expanding. Just as the water comes from a pure source and arrives at the source after different paths, different uses and natural deviations, in the same way Bianchi products, developed in Brescia factory find themselves in different places, while always respecting cultures, fashions and styles.