Collection systems

New concealed rough in 2-3 ways mixer

One body, many finishes

The new rough-in concealed system allows you to install the body immediately and choose the finished parts later, which can be easily replaced even in the event of an aesthetic restyling or damage.

Water saving

In the 2 ways version, the vertical position of the diverter is designed for temporarily blocking the supply.
In this way, there is a significant saving of water, keeping a constant temperature.

Spin diverter

Thanks to the possibility of precise positioning, the spin diverter allows a more intuitive and efficient use, maintaining a constant delivery even in the case of low system pressure.

Precise installation

The engineering of the new raw body has the outlets oriented in the upper part of the system. This allows an easier installation of the hydraulic connections.

UNIBOX system

In all versions the integration with the UNIBOX system is available, for an even more performing installation.